Chris Carlson  |  featured artist

Chris Carlson is a 3D chalk artist from Denver, CO. He discovered chalk art in 2012 and has been dedicated to the medium ever since. He likes to keep his artwork fun and lighthearted. Chris tries to blend his artwork seamlessly with the surroundings, so it’s never clear where the art ends and the ground begins.

Breck statue of liberty chalk art.jpg
Carlson- Hungry Hippos 3D chalk art.JPG


Artist Information

The Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson Center is accepting applications for artists to participate in the Nashville Chalk Fest  2018 fundraiser; a street painting festival to benefit the Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson Center Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences. A limited number of street painting squares are available and spots will be assigned on a first come first serve basis. This event is free to artists to participate in. Please submit the completed application and materials to Event/Artwork Guidelines

  • All artists must be able to commit to the two day event on September 22-23 , 2018
  • Participation is on a volunteer basis only
  • All artists must submit a sketch or written description of their proposed artwork no later than August 1st
  • All artists must be at least 16 years of age to work alone. Artists under the age of 16 may work in teams of 2 or more.
  • Invited artists will be notified by June 30th of their status
  • Attendance of free street painting workshop is recommended but not required
  • Artwork must be appropriate for all viewers – family friendly
  • No nudity or political statements will be accepted
  • Artwork will contain no words or symbols intended as advertising or promotion
  • Artwork may not violate any copyright laws
  • Sponsor names must be visible and legible at all times during the event
  • Artist must complete their assigned square by closing of the Festival on Sunday, September 23rd
  • Artwork will not stray outside of designated space
  • Artists may not accept donations from onlookers
  • Only non-toxic soft pastels may be used. Use of any other material is forbidden (i.e. oil pastels, acrylic, gouache, markers, spray chalk,etc.).

Provided by Nashville Chalk Fest:

  • Artists will be assigned an 8’x 8’ or 10’x 10′ sponsored square to design
  • Artists selected to design a square for a major sponsor will be given a 12’x 12’ square
  • All chalk artists will be provided breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday of the event
  • All chalk artists will be receive a festival T-shirts, chalk, goody bag and water



Artist Application

Name *
Address *
Mobile Phone *
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Square Size
Please indicate below your preferred square size. Square sizes will be assigned based on sponsor availability.
Signature *
The undersigned artist (parent/guardian if under 18) is committing to the two festival dates listed above and acknowledges that Nashville Chalk Fest is entitled to photograph and reproduce the street paintings by the artist(s) for future promotions and advertisements. The artist(s) has no ownership rights to the photo and/or reproductions in any form.